Happy Birthday to us! We're celebrating 20 years of friendship, fun and support.

We are a diverse bunch! Some moms join for playgroup or to meet other moms while others join for access to the forums.  

The most active members are those with newborns, toddlers and preschoolers; kids not yet in elementary school.

Moms with older children meet for book club or mothers' night out. 

Mothers of The Woodlands is a social organization devoted to helping mothers form friendships for themselves and their children. Whether you are new to the area, an expecting mom or simply looking for a way to meet other moms, Mothers of The Woodlands has a little something for everyone!

Our members participate in age-specific play groups, field trips, community service projects, volunteer activities, and holiday parties. Activities are member-organized and member-run. We encourage members to take initiative in posting playgroups or other outings in our forum.

Club-Wide Activities
Who doesn’t enjoy a good get together?  
Our parties are usually held at a park, potluck style, and offer an informal relaxed way for members to connect with each other.
Here are a few of our most recent events!
  • Winter Silly Socks & Pajama Party at Kidville
  • St. Patrick's  Day Celebration at MyGym
  • Paint & Bubbles Studio Valentine's Day Craft
  • Lunch & Playdate at Play Smarter Kids
  • Our annual kid-friendly Halloween Party with a special performance by Andy Roo and the Andyrooniverse 
  • A field trip led by The Woodlands Mounted Patrol 
  • Community Outreach: The Woodlands Township Earth Day Clean Up



  • Bitty Babies and Expecting Moms
  • Tiny Tots (12 months-24 months)
  • Big Tots (24 months-36 months)
  • Preschoolers (3 years- 5.5 years )

  • The ages for playgroups are simply a guideline as to what you can expect in terms of toys, activities, socialization, etc. Babies and toddlers acquire various skills at different rates so find the group that you feel is the best fit for you and your kiddo. You are also encouraged to host a playgroup--it can be your house, a kid-friendly lunch spot, a park, etc.

    Playgroups are fun for moms too! Visit ANY group if you are seeking a little conversation and trip out of the house. 

 New Member Events

Once a month, we host an event to welcome our new moms and their children to the group.

This is a great way to meet other new members or reconnect with the group if you haven’t been active for a while. 

Just for Moms: Kid-Free Fun!

    • Monthly Moms' Night Out
    • Book Club
    • Craft Nights
    • Brunch

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